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    Building the 347 for the Granada.

    One cleaned, slightly oiled, cast steel crankshaft. Going into a clean and fresh trash bag for storage.

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    richpet Yesterday, 05:22 PM Go to last post

    Pace Car Front Bumper and Side Marker Lights

    That may be possible. I'll take a close look at it today or tomorrow and see, but it didn't sound promising. If it's just a matter of drilling some rivets

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    Building the 347 for the Granada.

    I like that part of town. I get what you mean about gray. It snowed a bit last night.
    I do plan to scrub the crank well for sure,

    richpet Yesterday, 12:01 PM Go to last post

    Questions...289 and 4 speed swap into my 84 vert....

    No, not a straight drop in. The clutch on the 289 set up uses a bell crank and rod and the newer Mustang is set up for a cable so you would need to figure

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    Chuck W

    Rack and pinion Question.

    qikgts listed what you need back up in POST #4

    As has been mentioned, the early cars use that big flanged inner sleeve with the serrations

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