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    by Published on 01-25-2016 11:04 AM

    Making the rounds right now is a very brief Craigslist ad containing a link to a YouTube video. The video is a walk around of a Dark Shadow Blue SVO being uncovered and discussed in what appears to be a mechanic's shop. Strangely, we never see the rear of the car.

    The individual holding the camera mentions taking still pictures, but no indication of them being uploaded anywhere just yet. The video description mentions a price of $35,000, and uses some creative reasoning on why that would be a fair price. Unfortunately, the market dictates prices. The video has been up only for a few days, but here we see on Craigslist an asking price of $20,000. A little closer to what the market will bear.

    The SVO enthusiast segment of the Internet will surely be watching this as it unfolds. We're bound to hear from someone who can go see the car and will hopefully report on how it appears in person, and perhaps we'll get to see some proper pictures of the car as well.

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    by Published on 01-21-2016 11:27 AM

    There looks to be a number of Fox Mustangs at Barrett-Jackson this year, from 79 all the way to 93, but only two are of the four-eyed variety.

    First up is a 99 mile 1984 G.T. 350 scheduled to go across the stage on Wednesday. A 1979 Pace Car is going to be sold on Sunday. Both are no reserve and are not during prime bidding times, though the Pace Car gets a little better slot.

    The description for this 99 actual mile 84 Mustang G.T. 350/20th Anniversary car is vague and filled with typos. The condition of the engine compartment is a little disappointing for such low mileage, though certain things are expected to deteriorate with age. One might wonder, though if this is due to less than optimal storage conditions at some point, which would not be unreasonable over the course of 30+ years.

    For more pictures and the full description, click here.

    The 79 Indy Pace Car Mustang claims full restoration instead of low mileage. Again, an exceptionally underwhelming description was slapped on the site, although it is at least refreshing that they aren't trying to tout it as a low-production car or rare as many do.

    Additional pictures and brief description are found here.

    We're hoping to get someone to the auction to check out one or both cars in person. Getting there on the right day to see certain cars can be a challenge as the show tents at Barrett-Jackson fill up (and empty out) over the course of the week. If we are lucky enough to get someone on the ground at the auction, we'll follow up with more detailed pictures and first-person insight and certainly we will be watching for auction results.

    Although Barrett-Jackson may not be the most exacting indicator of the overall market given the excessive hype the event receives, it is certainly something that can show us where the market it going. Watching for the other Foxes this week may also be a value barometer of sorts.