• Congratulations this month goes to Harry Richman (FEP Username: HCBERICH) and his 1986 Ford Mustang Saleen #86-018. The Saleen is a recent addition to the stable for Harry with the purchase occurring just in March of this year. The funny part of this story is that Harry loves black cars. He’d always wanted a black ‘85 Saleen but never saw them for sale. He saw this red ‘86 for sale on Ebay and figured it would do for now. Harry was the high bidder but the reserve was not met. He then sent the seller a message and ended up speaking on the phone. After a little negotiating Harry agreed to buy the ‘86 and have it shipped from Houston to Boston. When they spoke the next day to confirm everything, Harry informed the seller that as much as he was looking forward to getting the car, he really wanted a black ‘85 Saleen. There was a hesitation and long pause on the other end of the phone. Then the guy said " I have a black ‘85 also." Harry thought he was joking around, but he was dead serious. He asked if it was for sale and the guy said he was not planning on selling it. The ‘85 was a restoration he had started and was going to finish it at some point. Long story short...after talking for a few minutes they came to a deal on that car as well. Harry figured when they got there he would drive the ‘86 a bit and then sell it but when they arrived he fell in love with the red ‘86. It is just a super nice driver, and that's exactly what he’s going to do with it!

    The Saleen is mostly original. The hatchback does sport an aftermarket H pipe and exhaust to give it a little more growl. It appears to have been painted at some point in its life, but otherwise looks as close to factory original as it could be. To make sure the Saleen arrived in Boston in pristine shape, Harry hired an enclosed transport company (Intercity Lines) to pick up the Mustang in Houston, Texas. The shipping took just over a month for the car to arrive, but it did so with no issues and in great shape.

    In addition to his two Saleens, Harry also has a 1985 Mustang GT that only has 18K miles on it. He wants to keep the mileage low on the GT even though it does get the occasional drive up the street for a carton of milk. Thankfully the ’86 Saleen helps to satisfy the needs and desires of more frequent drives. The car has over 100K miles on it, but it drives like only 20K with no squeaks, rattles, or noises. Because of that and the factor that it’s not a low mileage car Harry feels no quilt in driving the Saleen every chance he can.

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    1. fascat's Avatar
      fascat -
      Congrats on the ROTM. Great looking Saleen. I really like the 4-Eye Saleens.
    1. RazorbackGT's Avatar
      RazorbackGT -
      Man, I wish my car looked half that good. Very nice, hard to believe it has over 100K.
    1. sportscars's Avatar
      sportscars -
      Beautiful car! I have 86-126 but she isnt quite as nice as yours...
    1. MY86092's Avatar
      MY86092 -
      Nice Car! I just picked up 86-092 same color, grey Vs gold striping. Such fun!
    1. smitty54's Avatar
      smitty54 -
      Congrats, Harry!
    1. bhowald's Avatar
      bhowald -
      Very Nice Looking car! Thank you for sharing it!
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