• UPDATE 2/18/17

    Thanks to all the help of the Mustang community as a whole the $7000 threshold for the Giveaway has been met! All chances for winning the Mustang have been sold and the winner will be announced soon!

    To those members that are not aware, we sadly lost one of our members (FEP Username: TravisT) last year to cancer. During Travis' battle with cancer several members of FEP and local friends got together to help Travis finish his 1984 Mustang GT. Through the help and donations of friends, families, businesses, etc. the Mustang was repaired, repainted, and road ready once again. Unfortunately Travis never had the opportunity to see his finished Mustang in person.

    His 1984 Mustang GT was shown in remembrance of him at a local show by several of the members that were involved in the repair of the car. Needless to say the GT looked great and Travis would be very proud.

    Travis' Mustang was nominated for the Ride of the Month here on FEP and was the winner of the December Ride of the Month for 2016. What a wonderful way to pay tribute to him and remember all that he did for FEP. LINK

    That brings us to why I am posting this article. Due to lack of proper storage for Travis' Mustang and the need for money to help pay personal expenses, his wife has decided to sell the 1984 Mustang GT. With the help again of several friends and members here, they have chosen to accept Donations for the vehicle with each $20 donation being a chance to ultimately be chosen as the new owner of the Mustang. Members are encouraged to donate as much as they can afford. The rest of the details can be found here.

    Thanks to Harry (FEP Username HCBERICH) and all of his hard work putting this together. Please direct any questions to him in regards to donations or any other questions you might have. RIP Travis. You will be missed, but never forgotten!
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