• The 2017 FEP Rides of the Month Calendar is ready to be printed. All orders must be prepaid to get one. All the details are included in the thread here

    Please check it out and order as soon as possible as I need to get these printed and shipped out to all members. Thanks!

    I would like to wrap up all the orders by today for the calendar so I can get them ordered, printed, and shipped out ASAP! Please PM me as soon as possible!

    Thanks to everyone who has ordered already!

    The calendars are being printed as I type this. I should have them in my hands on Friday. I did order a few extra calendars to get to our required price point, so I will have just a few available for anyone that wants one that didn't already order. This will be sold on a first come first served basis and once they are gone, they are GONE!

    Please PM me for details and have a great day!
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      burntorange84 -
      So I missed the window, how many more of y'all want a calendar? thanks again Trey.
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    87 Thunderbird seats

    Shipping is going to be expensive no matter how you do it due to size and weight. The best way I have found to ship seats is to separate the back of the

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    87 Thunderbird seats

    Thanks for the offer, but shipping would be killer.

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    So, I did a thing. '85 Marquis LTS

    Nice work. How does one go about drilling out the drum for 5 lugs? Is there some kinda template available to ensure everything is aligned properly?

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    Some tips for asking questions:
    Use an Informative topic Title. Good: "Rear drum brake problem on

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    Sorry for the late reply, I'm very excited to learn more about these older cars and will make sure to take car of her well

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    I will post the pictures as soon as I can figure out how to upload them lol. I just got new tires and did a nice polish and wax to get the scratches out.

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    2.8 from Germany.

    [QUOTE = darkd0r; 1942049] Just to confirm band adjustment:

    Front - loosen lock nut, tighten adjuster to 10 ft-lb, then loosen adjuster 1

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