• Congratulations to Rich Mora (FEP Username: SVO4PWR2) and his 1984 “blazing” Copper SVO as the Ride of the Month for February. The following is the article written by our very own JTurbo for the SVO Enthusiast Newsletter about Rich’s car. Hope everyone enjoys and thanks to JTurbo for providing the great article.

    Rich’s car was in what he defines as “fair” shape when he purchased the car about 9 years ago. You see, Rich previously owned the Andretti SVO (’86 1C) prior to this car. He acquired this ‘84 SVO from an auto repair station. The previous owner didn’t want to repair it so the car sat for almost a year. At the time he also owned the previously mentioned ‘86 1C; which was too nice to modify. So he sold the ‘86 for two reasons; first was to get cash to mod the ‘84 and second to buy an engagement ring for his now wife. Rich recalls “that was the least I could do for her after she brought me 13-inch Stillen cross drilled rotors. Fast-forward to 2009 we now have two great girls and the SVO along with an ‘88 GT convertible and a ‘79 notch.” The ‘84 SVO was originally purchased as a daily driver, and Rich’s car has racked up a total of about 80,000 miles up until the point when he stopped driving the car. So rewind the clock back to 2005 and that’s when this particular SVO was side lined for a full resto-mod.

    The car was stripped down to bare metal before the body work started. The entire car was disassembled including removal of the K-member, doors, fenders, and even the glass. To make Rich’s SVO stand from the rest of us, he did a custom cowl hood; yup he cut up a stock hood that was found at an Englishtown, NJ swap meet. He also removed the emblems and re-located the antenna onto the roof. The shop performing the work used the Spies Hecker paint system (base coat / clear coat) and the results are nothing short of stunning! Inside the car a 6-point roll cage has been installed along with a set of sub frame connectors to stiffen up the chassis.

    With the body looking “killa”, Rich turned his attention to the drive train. Starting with a stock block and crankshaft, the machine shop put together a “long rod” combo using Manley 5.7 rods that manipulate CP custom pistons. The head has been given a full port job for increased flow and machined for larger valves. And a Ford Motorsport Roller A-237 cam completes the internals. Air enters through an Acufab 65mm throttle body prior to being compressed with a T3/T4 hybrid turbo. The stock intercooler was ditched long ago in favor of a Spearco unit with custom chromed pipes. Fuel is delivered to stock 36 lb/hr injectors using an aftermarket in-line high pressure pump via steel braided fuel lines. Exhaust is handled by a ported “E6” cast manifold and then out through a custom 3 inch down pipe to an aftermarket 3 inch catalytic converter before entering a 3 inch Flowmaster muffler. The single pipe exhaust system is completed with a custom dual tip tail pipe for that retro ‘84 look. Engine management is handled by the stock EEC-IV. Spark emanates from an MDS ignition to the Autolight plugs. The blazing copper SVO’s drive train is completed with a remanufactured T-5 and a 7.5” rear now sporting 3.73 gearing. Rear control arms are “boxed” aftermarket units.

    Although the combination of mechanicals that Rich uses is proven, words cannot begin to describe the attention to detail that’s been given to this car’s engine compartment. If it’s not chromed or polished, then its powder coated. Be careful if you get a chance to look under the hood on a sunny day – sunglasses are mandatory! As with so many SVO owners, the suspension is an evolution. The car was first setup with a tubular K-frame and A-arms, SN-95 spindles, FMS “B” springs (front and back) and Koni struts and shocks. Stillen cross drilled rotors up front (13”) and upgraded Stillen SVO rotors out back provided the stopping power while Rich used polished American Racing Torque Thrust II 17” wheels surrounded with Michelin Sportcup tires. This setup, especially the Torque Thrust II wheels provided that classic hot rod theme to Rich’s restomod. However, Rich has recently taken a different track in regards to the suspension setup on his SVO, back towards stock suspension. So the tubular front end has been swapped out for the stock K-frame and A-arms along with the stock front brake setup. And with this change Rich has pulled out a set of {almost} original SVO wheels, but with a slight twist. Stock 16” wheels are being used up front, but a pair of custom 17” x 9” wide SVO wheels are being used out back; both using Nitto rolling rubber. The goal of the swap back towards stock is to make the car more driveable, after all trailer queens are nice to look at, but SVO’s were made to be driven and Rich fully intends to start driving this car a lot more often! Rich has been an active member of the club since 2002 and has attended several SVOCA events and Reunions. Here is his long list with event highlights along the way:

    1 st event was the Reunion in 1999 with ‘86 Andretti SVO. I knew no one but met so many folks that I always look forward to seeing yearly and making new friends. One highlight was spelling out “SVO” with the cars.
    2 nd event was the Reunion at Carlisle 1999. After seeing modified SVOs of Mikey Ray &Scott Wiggington I was hooked and I wanted something a little different.
    3 rd event Attended the “SVO’s on Track” in 2001; drove to ‘Bama just to beat the car a little! Had no mishaps and got to meet more great people.
    4 th event was Carlisle 2001 ‘84 SVO placed 3rd and I was a happy camper.
    5 th event 2001 Reunion in Trussville, Alabama is one for the books. I dropped a valve in a new engine on the way at 2:30 AM somewhere in Virginia. I end up renting a U-haul truck / trailer to complete the trip to the show and somehow I wind up auto-x the Hatfield’s SVO!
    6 th event back to ‘Bama for the 2002 Reunion at Talladega. There we had Lightnings running and my buddy boiled his brake fluid while on track. And the cook out at SVPU was mmm mmm good!
    7 th event 2003 Reunion in Kentucky was great cause I didn’t break anything. However on the way to the drags a fellow SVO broke down and I unloaded my car and put his car on the trailer. Roger and I auto-x my car back to back.
    8 th event 2004 Reunion in Kentucky was cool. Hubers doing wheelies at the track, Hooters and after hours parking lot chats!
    9 th event 2006 Reunion was held with the 40th at Barber Motorsports Park. What a place! So many cars and it was the 1st showing of the new paint job on the ‘84 SVO.
    10th event 2008 Reunion in Kentucky while it was a blast. I can’t forget the 79er rest stop, the Huber dyno run, and the crazy guys that drove in from west coast and Canada.
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    1. JTurbo's Avatar
      JTurbo -
      Congrats Rich!

      Just to prove that he does indeed drive his SVO, here is a pic I took of his car our the way back from an event in Chattanooga, TN
    1. tORMENtOR's Avatar
      tORMENtOR -
      Congrats Rich,lets go cruising again this year
    1. svobc's Avatar
      svobc -
      Congrats Rich, !!
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