• Congratulations to Fabian Farrell (FEP Username: FFARRLL) and his 1984 Mercury Capri RS as the June Ride of the Month Winner. The story for this Capri began when Fabian decided he needed a second car to redo. In Wisconsin, collector plates are registered in such a way that single-owner cars all use the same numbers on the plate and a different letter added to differentiate between the cars. Fabian surmised that he wasnít a true collector unless he had at least two cars, so the search was on to assure Fabianís collector status. He was originally looking for a SVO, ascMcLaren coupe, or a Pace Car, but luck would have it he found this Capri in California. The RS was originally sold to a woman in Southern California. She purchased it in the fall of 1983 and drove it until she passed away in 2001. Her daughter inherited the car and could not part with it so is sat being gently cared for in her garage. When she finally decided that she could not keep it any more, luckily Fabian was able to purchase it. Fabian had never owned a T-top car and the thought of having a pair of 1984 RSís would be perfect. Not only is his the only Capri at most cruise nights or local car shows, but now he can be there with the same, but totally different cars wearing the same plates just to keep people guessing.

    Once the Capri arrived in Wisconsin the complete Rotisserie rebuild began. The car is an early 1984 model which has the 1983 slapper bars in lieu of the quad shocks, as well as the 1983 Sport Seats without the leg extensions. Both of those were retained since Fabianís other 1984 is one of the last Ď84ís built and has both the quad shocks and lowback buckets. The original engine has been replaced with a rebuilt í85 roller cam engine. The engine was bored .030 over with new forged pistons, new Edelbrock heads, high rise intake, Crane camshaft, a Holley 600, high volume oil, as well as high volume fuel and water pumps. BBK shorty headers, an offroad X pipe, and Flowmaster exhaust add the rumble to the new 5.0. The A/C system was swapped out for a Hose Wizards R134 conversion kit. The T-5 was completely rebuilt as well as the original 7.5Ē rear axle.

    The interior of the Capri received plenty of custom touches as well. These included a set of custom TMI Mach 1 style covers for the seat as wells new TMI foam. New carpet and a new headliner round out the new interior trim. The stock stereo was replaced with a Retrosound Bluetooth system and JVC speaker to give the RS that stock/original look, but with the updated electronics that everyone loves. Fabian also replaced the door glass and the windshield to really clean up the look of the Capri.
    The exterior was stripped to bare metal to prepare it for it new coat of color. The bottom was coated with grey epoxy for ultimate protection. The rest of the body was painted Fordís Vapor Metallic Silver which was an option for the Mustang in 2008/2009. The green striping is Kawasaki Green and the silver RS is Mercedes Silver Metallic. The side skirts and rear valance are Cerviniís Saleen style and the front air dam is OEM Mercury. The rear spoiler is the ASC Mclaren style from Henry Huisman in Florida.

    The suspension and brakes were updated with 94/95 components for the improved performance and handling. All the brake lines and parts are rebuilt or new. To aid in both the handling and looks the front end was lowered 2 ĹĒ and the rear was lowered 2Ē. The fuel tank and lines were replaced with new pieces for added insurance and peace of mind. The Capri currently rolls on a set of 17 X 8 Proline wheels with 245/45/VR17 on all four corners.

    Fabian had a great time working on the Capri and getting it to its current condition. He had a blast working with friends that had skill sets beyond his own and with their help the quality work in the car is apparent to everyone who sees it. The car shown here is exactly how Fabian would want a new Capri if he could order one from the Factory today. Fabian admits he is not a racer, but loves having a great car that is fun to drive and a great ride to going cruising in. All of FEP would like to thank Fabian for sharing his awesome Capri with us this month. This just shows what some hard work, a clear vision, a lot of time, and a few buddies can do with a Fox Body today.
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    1. Boomer85gt's Avatar
      Boomer85gt -
      What an Awesome looking Capri. Love everything about it, especially the seats and green accents. Great job and congrats on winning the ROTM.
    1. hcmclean's Avatar
      hcmclean -
      DROOL, DROOL!!! AWESOME Capri. It is a work of art to say the least.
    1. 82gt50's Avatar
      82gt50 -
      Outstanding Capri! congratulations.
    1. magnum517's Avatar
      magnum517 -
      That is an awesome ride! Congrats on ROTM, well deserved!

      Sent from my VK410 using Tapatalk
    1. Mikestang's Avatar
      Mikestang -
      Love it. I'll have to say the Capri's have really grown on me over the years

      Messing around on my phone...
    1. fascat's Avatar
      fascat -
      Congrats on ROTM. Great write up on an awesome car.
    1. Woody86vertible's Avatar
      Woody86vertible -
      Congratulations! Beautiful car.
    1. Quicksilver's Avatar
      Quicksilver -
      Very nice looking car.
    1. JTurbo's Avatar
      JTurbo -
      Congrats! Very nice Capri.
    1. jperloff's Avatar
      jperloff -
      Beautiful Capri!! Excellent job!!
    1. Mavereq's Avatar
      Mavereq -
      Beautiful car
    1. AT6svo's Avatar
      AT6svo -
      That's an outstanding Capri, mods are well executed and look like they could have been factory. Car is lucky to have such a caring owner.
    1. ffarrll's Avatar
      ffarrll -
      Trey, thanks for the great write up. Thanks to everyone for their great comments. There are some great cars on this forum and I am very happy to be counted among them. I never thought about having a car being chosen as The Ride Of The Month but it is really cool to be chosen.
      Thanks Again,
    1. brianj's Avatar
      brianj -
      Awesome vehicle. I admit to a secret Capri fetish, but they are hard to find around here. Your car is exactly how i would want mine to be. Very nice.
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