• Congratulations to Tony (FEP Username: vascj) and his 1985 Ford Mustang GT Convertible as the winner of the March Ride of the Month. Tony has only owned this convertible since January of this year, but it has been a long time coming. Tony had always wanted a Light Regatta Blue GT. The desire began the first time he saw Light Regatta Blue on a co-worker’s mustang back in 1985. He loved how that car looked, especially how it brought out the contrast of all the charcoal treatments designed into the exterior of the car. Throughout the years, Tony hadn’t come across very many Mustangs similar to his dream Mustang, but he was always looking for that elusive one.

    Luckily just a few months ago Tony came across a local advertisement and the timing just felt right. Tony called the gentleman advertising the convertible and made an immediate offer, since he was familiar with this particular Mustang. Truthfully, Tony didn’t expect a return call since the owner admitted there were several other people interested and Tony was almost 6 hours away. In his offer, Tony told the owner he didn’t need anything else, no pictures, no follow up information, nothing, just a phone call to come and get it! Well, timing and luck were on Tony’s side and the owner called back later to accept the offer. Tony immediately jumped in his old ’93 truck, rented a trailer, and headed to pick up the convertible. Like so many car adventures before, the trip was long, tiring, and a little scary. After 12 hours on the road Tony finally got the Mustang home and it was everything he had dreamed it would be. Tony has owned several very nice vehicles in the past, but this Mustang was destined to be a bit different. Rather than a show queen or a trailer queen, Tony wanted a Mustang that he could enjoy as a fair weather driver. This Mustang convertible allows Tony to toy around with it, upgrade it a little, and just thoroughly enjoy it as these cars were meant to be.

    This Light Regatta Blue is a rare Mustang based upon its unique color alone. Then you include the white top, the leather interior, and the lower tu-tone charcoal paint you have an even more rarely optioned Mustang. According to the Marti Report only 32 Mustang Convertibles in 1985 were optioned like Tony’s Mustang. The car was originally sold in California and spent much of its life there until it was brought to the Midwest and ultimately to the Northeast. Thankfully the Mustang was garaged and driving sparingly through all these years which allowed it to remain in such great condition.

    Tony’s plans for the Convertible GT include showing her at the local car shows and cruise-ins, with the occasional beach cruise during the summer. He expects to do well in the local shows since the convertible took 2nd place in its class at the Carlisle All Ford Nationals. Tony still needs to get reacquainted with the four barrel carburetor, since he hasn’t had one in many years. When driving the Mustang Tony truly enjoys the “old school” hotrod feeling of the secondaries kicking in just like the 289 HiPo engines in the first generation Mustangs.

    Tony has been a member of Four Eyed Pride for over 6 years now and was completely surprised that his “new” Mustang was nominated and ultimately won the Ride of the Month. Four Eyed Pride would like to thank Tony for sharing his Mustang with us and taking the time to make the Ride of the Month such a great feature. Once again congratulations to Tony and his 1985 Mustang GT Convertible.
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    1. vascj's Avatar
      vascj -
      thanks for the wonderful write-up Trey and thanks to all of my FEP brothers for this selection. I've always enjoyed these monthly features and the excellent write-ups on all the cars selected and nominated. Thanks to pacefever79 for the nomination and to all those that voted for this foureyed mustang!
    1. JTurbo's Avatar
      JTurbo -
      Great win, congrats! How many miles are on the car, I didn't see that in the write-up?
    1. vascj's Avatar
      vascj -
      A whole lot . It has around 80k on it and rapidly climbing.....
    1. ddx77's Avatar
      ddx77 -
      Great car! Congrats!

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    1. Dadsccat's Avatar
      Dadsccat -
      What a nice car and great write up. Good job boys.
    1. Quicksilver's Avatar
      Quicksilver -
      Congrats Tony! Very nice car.
    1. fascat's Avatar
      fascat -
      Great write up as usual Trey. Congrats on ROTM Tony. Your car looks great. Glad you were able to find your dream ride.
    1. Marathon06's Avatar
      Marathon06 -
      Amazing Mustang convertible and a wonderful story. Congratulations Tony!
    1. Woody86vertible's Avatar
      Woody86vertible -
      Great car Tony. Did you buy this car out East? I think I was talking to this guy about it also.
    1. vascj's Avatar
      vascj -
      Yes, came out of a private collection in the NE, but, car was built in CA and spent most of its earlier years there.

      Quote Originally Posted by Woody86vertible View Post
      Great car Tony. Did you buy this car out East? I think I was talking to this guy about it also.
    1. 9D83's Avatar
      9D83 -
      Great car great write up!
    1. vascj's Avatar
      vascj -
      Weather was nice last weekend, so took a nice drive and snapped this quick shot before putting her back in the garage. Thanks for the compliments, its really a fun four eyed fox! I really missed having a carbed car again with all of its peculiarities. It's far from perfect, just a nice all around driver that can be enjoyed. I do like the fact that its a very original-type car so much so that it feels just like the one I drove back in the 80s.
    1. Woody86vertible's Avatar
      Woody86vertible -
      Yep, that's why we bought this one. We ordered New 1989 LX 5.0 from a dealership I worked at as a Technician. We sold the car in 1992 because the baby seat would not fit in the back seat. I used to parking lot race it in SCCA competition in Dearborn. About the only thing I couldn't beat was a Grand National in a straight line.
    1. roush235's Avatar
      roush235 -
      Congrats. Super nice car.
    1. burntorange84's Avatar
      burntorange84 -
      congrats, very nice vert!
    1. Fearnot's Avatar
      Fearnot -
      Congratulations Tony, great car! I have always loved these Blue GTs also.
    1. danco86's Avatar
      danco86 -
      Fantastic car.
    1. escogt's Avatar
      escogt -
      Congrats, Tony!!!! Well deserved for a stellar tu-tone LRB '85GT 'Vert!!! I friggin' LOVE it!!
    1. vascj's Avatar
      vascj -
      thanks Mike....i'd have to admit...a fun little driver....had it out again last weekend for another 40-60 miles...just can't get enough of that ole 80s feelin'
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