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  • This appeared in the November 1979 Motor Trend magazine. While a number of these aftermarket conversion companies have become relatively familiar to early Fox enthusiasts, a quick search turns up nothing about Tomorrow's Classics. The name of the company certainly doesn't help as most results are speculation about the collector cars of the future.

    While the article mentions base models or Ghia coupes, the car in the picture is certainly very basic with its missing trim.

    Do you know anything about Tomorrow's Classics? Have you seen one of these cars, or better yet, have one with some documentation? Please let us know!
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    1. burntorange84's Avatar
      burntorange84 -
      I know nothing...but quite odd looking with door smoking windows.
    1. mrmustang's Avatar
      mrmustang -
      It was a one hit wonder that never made it past this prototype shown
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