• MotorWeek has been rifling through their archives and posting tons of their RetroReviews over the last couple of years or so. Being an enthusiast-leaning show, it comes as little surprise that they found the 84 Mustang SVO to be a driver's car and appreciated all the improvements the Special Vehicle Operations team made.

    Amusingly, back in just the 1984 model year, they were calling the Fox Mustang 'old.' Little did they know, it would be running for nearly another decade. And, what is up with calling a Mustang a "'Tang?" Did anyone ever say that? A first for me to hear, at least.

    While testing this early SVO, they were aware and made mention of future upgrades to the headlights and suspension. Also, showing how little anyone noticed the Mustang Turbo GT and Capri Turbo RS models, the debut of the EFI 2.3T engine was attributed solely to the Thunderbird TurboCoupe.

    Their testing results included the following:
    Stopping from 55mph in 123 ft (range from 119-128 )
    0-60 in 7.9 sec
    1/4 mile in 16.7 sec @ 87 mph
    24mpg (manufacturer/EPA claims of 21 city, 32 hwy)

    And, an interesting metric of theirs was mentioned, that of "passing traffic."

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    1. PaceFever79's Avatar
      PaceFever79 -
      Pretty sure I remember having the same reaction to hearing about "tang" for the first time as I watched this back in 1984
    1. rodster's Avatar
      rodster -
      How did I not see this before?? Very cool!!! The first two press cars were 'severely bent'
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