• T-Roofs, TRXes and Turbine wheel covers are among the themes you'll see in these ads. Ford was still clearly in the throes of their 'World Car' inspiration with their use of the globe graphic and the repeated use of their catch phrase, "From the World of Better Ideas," which borrows from the classic 60s, "Ford has a better idea" campaign.

    They're sure to tell you all about fuel economy without losing the fun factor in America's most popular sports car, too, given the lingering effects of the 1979 energy crisis.

    Two special promotional spots are included in this six-pack: one for The Pacific Mustangs, the other for Mustang Hot Tops.

    The Pacific Mustangs seems to refer to a regional option package found standard on Mustangs sold in California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska and Hawaii. If you have any details about this package, please be sure to post a comment or start a thread on our message board to share what you know.

    Mustang Hot Tops promotes the four optional roof types: the new-for-81 T-Roof (T-Tops in the vernacular), vinyl roof, sunroof and carriage roof (yes, it is different than the vinyl roof) and a discounted package to go along with those options. What's interesting is how a coupe is what drives up, but the roofline is swapped to a hatch to demonstrate the T-Roof, despite it being available (albeit nearly unknown until FEP made the Mustang world more aware of this rarely checked option well after production had ceased and been forgotten) for the body style.

    Our thanks to Classic Car Channel on YouTube who uploaded these high-quality videos of television ads for the 1981 model year Mustang.

    Oh, and that catchy tune that might seem familiar? Yeah, that's Ford's Mustang-ed up version of Donna Summer's 1979 hit Hot Stuff.
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    1. Ray Dog's Avatar
      Ray Dog -
      That red T roof brings back memories of driving my first 4 eye.
      It was a 4 cylinder auto Ghia.
    1. 79mustangcobra's Avatar
      79mustangcobra -
      Quote Originally Posted by Ray Dog View Post
      That red T roof brings back memories of driving my first 4 eye.
      It was a 4 cylinder auto Ghia.
      I second this. Thank you for posting these
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