• Congratulations to our very own vintageracer for having his 1982 SSP Mustang Engineering Mule featured in Road & Track this month. Web Editor Zach Bowman took a 2015 Ford Mustang GT on a road trip to Nashville to go experience the origins of a legendary line of Mustangs.

    Bowman's grasp of the Fox reality comes through in this gem:

    Like everything else cops touch, the state police Mustangs were rumored to be hotter than anything you could get on the street. Special skunkworks motors. Experimental suspensions. The full Blues Brothers treatment. Very powerful stuff. The truth is, the cars weren't much more than stripper GTs.

    It's refreshing to see an author who has knowledge beyond the old wives' tales of the automotive world.

    You'll definitely want to take the time to read the article in the link below. Bowman has a true appreciation for the early Foxes, the personality inherent to them and the simplicity that makes them so enjoyable. Be sure to check out the additional photo gallery and leave a comment on the R&T page!
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