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  • 1982 Lincoln-Mercury Motorsport Binder (and a request)

    Here's your opportunity to help me figure out how best to present scanned/image-based documentation!

    Below, you should see the totally cool L-M binder promoting their race efforts (those were the days, eh?). You can also use a button that should appear when you mouse-over the upper right hand corner to expand the document further.

    If you would take a look at it and give your feedback, it would be greatly appreciated. Things that would be helpful to know:

    • Can you see the document (I sure hope so...)?
    • What are you using to browse (PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, browser or Tapatalk)?
    • Can you navigate or scroll through the document well enough?
    • Is there anything else you'd like to add?
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    1. FoxChassis's Avatar
      FoxChassis -
      That's cool stuff! Had no idea that Larry Wilcox (ChiPs) was a land speed record driver. The funny car go carts are cool.

      I could browse through everything just fine. Was using Firefox on a PC.
    1. 4-barrel Mike's Avatar
      4-barrel Mike -
      Cool (says the owner of a Merkur). Using IE11, when I click on the upper right corner, it opens a new tab (google docs), BUT it appears that all 91 pages are already in the direct link.

    1. evlgt85's Avatar
      evlgt85 -
      Yeah, the use of Google docs provides a nice and easy way to wrap the content in the page here so that it can be read without it making viewers go through a proper download.

      This binder is probably one of my favorite items.

      I'm considering going through the nightmare of pulling all the items still available through the old Gallery installation and reorganizing them on the CMS. It'll take a good long while since I can't code some amazing auto-script to do all the work for me.

      Thanks for the comments, and keep them coming, folks!
    1. Ray Dog's Avatar
      Ray Dog -
      This brings back 80's memories of Englishtown and Lime Rock Park.
      Kenny Bernstein beating up on John Force.
      Getting to rub it in with my brother when Bob Glidden was qualifying a full tenth of a second quicker than the whole field.
      He's an Olds Cutlass guy.
      And watching Tom Gloy running at Lime Rock.