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  • FEP member 79mustangcobra has uploaded a fantastic find to YouTube: the 79 Ford Mustang sales training video distributed to dealerships via the Ford Video Network.

    There's a definite 70s NFL Films theme carried through the intros for each of the three segments which highlight the base model Mustang, the Ghia and the Cobra.

    It's also interesting to be reminded of the new vehicle market at the time of the Fox Mustang's introduction. The Mustang was pitched as competition for a pretty wide variety of vehicles. You'll see the Monza and the Celica GT put up against the base model, the Ghia compared to the Camaro Berlinetta, and the Cobra versus the likes of cars from Porsche, the 280Z, Trans Am and Corvette. The 1979 Mustang lineup was nothing if not versatile.

    So, check out these videos (it's a two-parter) and head back to the times when rack and pinion steering was a huge selling point, TRX tires were low-profile and digs were being made at larger engines due to a recent fuel crunch.

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