• FEP member Michael Escobar, known on our forums as escogt, has been a part of our community since 2006. His 85 Mustang is an excellent example of how over many years of ownership, Michael has transformed a regular Mustang into statement of the owner’s own personal style and taste which is what makes this hobby so much fun for all involved. Michael’s car is well-known in the FEP community and we're proud to showcase it as June's Ride of the Month.
    June’s Ride of the Month story began in 1999, after the terrible tragedy of the theft of Michael’s 1993 Cobra Mustang in 1995; he decided to jump back into the Fox body Mustangs with another hallmark of the Fox generations with the 1985 Mustang GT you see here.

    This beautiful example was repainted the unique color of Bright Atlantic Blue(K7) just two months into its new ownership and the modifications didn’t stop there. The paint has been complimented by the addition of SVO sail panels, SVO tail lights, Ford Motorsport fog light covers,and a pair of clear headlight covers. Although this color was not available back in 1985, Michael says that if he had been the CEO of Ford then, this color would have definitely been an option. With the paint looking amazing and a color that grabs attention everywhere it goes, I don’t think anyone would argue with him!

    The drivetrain consists of the standard 5.0 (302) V8 with 4BBL carburetor, 5 speed T5 transmission, and a 7.5 rear axle which all are original and stock to the car. The engine has been detailed with just a few additions such as aluminum pulley covers, blue spark plug wires, Ford Motorsports ignition module and coil, chrome radiator brackets, Ford Motorsports radiator cap, Ford Motorsports air cleaner lid, and a Maximum Motorsport strut tower brace. Just enough custom touches to set off the engine bay and level of detail that you normally only see in pure show cars.

    The interior is another example of Michael’s excellent handiwork in customizing while staying true to the original. The seats have been recovered and custom embroidered with the Ford Motorsports versions of the SVO seats that Ford offered through the Ford Motorsports catalogs back in the mid-eighties. He also added the limited production netted halos that are so seldom seen, much less in such excellent shape. In addition to the custom seats, there’s the SVO leather wrapped steering wheel complete with a Ford Motorsports horn pad, Ford Motorsports shifter knob and boot, matching SVO door panels, and SVO gray carpet to complete the look.

    Over Michael’s 15 years of ownership he has made a few changes and improvements to his 85 GT in addition to the ones mentioned above. These include new exhaust, ignition, clutch, cooling system, BBK lowering springs, brake upgrades, the 17” Pony wheels, and a Hurst short throw shifter. These additions as well as the amazing paint and detail put this Mustang into print in the March 2007 issue of 5.0 Mustang Magazine, as well as numerous 1st place showing including 2 at Carlisle and 2 “Best of Show” awards in local shows. All these wins have helped this 1985 GT to garner a special following of fans all the way down in Venezuela, so we have a true international star in the FEP community.

    Michael says this 1985 Mustang GT has been a labor of love for 15 years now. If you ask him how you get a Mustang to this level of quality, he simply replies “Just time, money, and the involvement of quality people.” He loves showing the GT every chance he gets which allows him even more opportunities to see great friends and meet new ones. Just the thought of knowing she’s sitting in his garage puts a huge grin on his face that only pales to the grin he has when he’s out driving her.
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    1. fascat's Avatar
      fascat -
      Congrats Esco! Your car is amazing. It has always been one of my favorites.
    1. vascj's Avatar
      vascj -
      How many times is Mike going to win these???
    1. biz jet tech's Avatar
      biz jet tech -
      Quote Originally Posted by vascj View Post
      How many times is Mike going to win these???
      I agree.....Mike, your the FEP King buddy
    1. escogt's Avatar
      escogt -
      Thanks, guys!!!

      And thank you Trey for a terrific write-up.
    1. PaceFever79's Avatar
      PaceFever79 -
      One of my favorite rides!


    1. mustangmania's Avatar
      mustangmania -
      Congrats! Very nice car!
    1. n20capri's Avatar
      n20capri -
      Nice Mike - congrats again!
    1. 84mustanggtturbo's Avatar
      84mustanggtturbo -
      Congrats mike i really love this car!!!
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      83GTRAG -
      I am so glad to see that sweet car up there for RIDE OF THE it as always

      Congrats Mike.
    1. EJSVO's Avatar
      EJSVO -

      Nicely done and Congratulations !!!!
    1. biggie6152's Avatar
      biggie6152 -
      Congrats Esco!
    1. escogt's Avatar
      escogt -
      Much appreciated, fellas!!
    1. Boomer85gt's Avatar
      Boomer85gt -
      Congrats! Love that car and the color is awesome!
    1. 79cobrasnake's Avatar
      79cobrasnake -
      very nice car, congrats!
    1. scott86capri's Avatar
      scott86capri -
      Congrats Mike that car is stunning wish i could have seen it in person this year but it will have to wait till next.
    1. escogt's Avatar
      escogt -
      Quote Originally Posted by Boomer82gt View Post
      Congrats! Love that car and the color is awesome!
      Quote Originally Posted by 79cobrasnake View Post
      very nice car, congrats!
      Quote Originally Posted by scott86capri View Post
      Congrats Mike that car is stunning wish i could have seen it in person this year but it will have to wait till next.
      Thanks gentlemen!! Much appreciated!!
    1. Canyon86's Avatar
      Canyon86 -
      What is the tire size for the Pony Wheel 17x 8?
      Front and rear.
      Thank you.
    1. escogt's Avatar
      escogt -
      Quote Originally Posted by Canyon86 View Post
      What is the tire size for the Pony Wheel 17x 8?
      Front and rear.
      Thank you.
      I run a 245/40-17 on all four corners.
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