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  • While V8s may get the bulk of the attention in the Fox world, FourEyedPride has always made a point of supporting all the power plants Ford installed in the Early Fox cars. To that end, we will continue to work on acquiring factory literature covering the various four- and six-cylinder engines, as well as the ever-evolving V8 engines the Early Fox era saw (no, we haven't forgotten the 4.2L).

    This PDF was made from an oversized training manual supplied to Ford techs to inform them of the features and testing procedures relating to the 1986 3.8L EEC-IV/CFI V6 engine. It includes schematics, operating condition definitions and more. To download this manual, please right-click, and choose Save As here.
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    1. 83glxdroptop's Avatar
      83glxdroptop -
      Super awesome source for V6ers on here! Thanks for posting.
    1. rodster's Avatar
      rodster -
      Very nice! I know how large these are, did you scan it or take pictures of it?
    1. Saturn V's Avatar
      Saturn V -
      I have one of these for 81-83 CFI and one for 86 EFI. My scanner isn't large enough, but could maybe use phone scanner app.
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