• It isn't unusual to see someone showing up on the FourEyedPride message board searching for a lost love of the four-wheeled and four-eyed variety. Sometimes all the owner has is a name of the buyer of their car, or maybe just a town where it was sold to the new owner. Unfortunately, the odds of finding a former ride are not great. If you're one of the many looking to reconnect with a car, there are some steps that you can take to help you in your search.

    Hemmings Daily just published a blog entry on the basics that will give you the best chance of a successful reunion. The most important piece of information to have on your car is, unsurprisingly, the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

    Here on FEP, we have a number of registries that can assist a former owner should they have owned a limited production or special interest Early Fox. A database of any and all Early Fox VINs and other vehicle documentation is also being compiled by one of our dedicated Administrators. Our member base is broad and active, so if there is a chance another registry not connected with FourEyedPride may be of assistance to you in your search, we are likely to have someone who can point you to it or any other further resources.

    A good place to start searching for your long lost Early Fox is our Production Numbers and Decoding forum if you still have the VIN recorded somewhere.

    Searching for an old car may be difficult and often discouraging or disappointing, but it's not impossible. If you're on a quest for your old car, know that help is out there. Good luck!
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    1. twingsrs's Avatar
      twingsrs -
      I encountered this with the original owner of my 85 Capri 5.0L shortly after my purchase from a local used car lot. He recognized his old car in traffic and followed me home to make an offer for it back. I think it was shear luck he saw me driving his old Capri and it definitely struck a chord with him. To his disappointment I would not sell and still have his phone number in my glove box should I ever change my mind. That was 15 years ago. Most of my friends regret selling their fox body cars. I can see why so many people go looking for that car they sold years ago.
    1. Z4M_RS's Avatar
      Z4M_RS -

      That wouldn't be a black RS with T-Tops by chance? I purchased one brand new and traded it in to get something for my now ex wife. I passed an RS and followed it. This was years ago out in the Ann Arbor MI area.
    1. bluesfannoz's Avatar
      bluesfannoz -
      I went through this process, started looking for my 85 Dominator in 2003, finally found it in 2010. Didn't have the VIN when I started. Got it from my insurance agent since he was my cousin. With that I ran a carfax and found it had not been registered since 1995. Which did not bode well. I started a registry for Dominator Mustangs as part of my search, learned a lot of history about the Dominators from former Summit Ford cronies, joined FEP, found a twin to the car, found several old car buddies I had not talked to in years including jayhawk261(Randy) who I had sold the car to, made new friends like O2Z06(Chris) who shares passion for special edition cars. met many cool Dominator owners like Bull-Vette(Craig), all before I found it.

      Thanks to Facebook I finally located the car. I had determined that the car was last registered in a small town in western Missouri, so I sent pictures of the car to several auto restoration shops that had a facebook presence. Turned out one of the owners had been friends with the last owner of the car. He put me in touch with the former owner. It had been rolled in 1995. Pictures can be seen in this thread.

      A fellow board member dlgourn(Dan) had purchased the twin to my old car when we had located it. When I had finally called off the search for my old one, he decided to sell the twin to me. So I have been slowly restoring the car. As can be seen in this thread.
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