• As much confusion still exists with U.S. and Canadian market Early Fox oddities, twice as much exists when it comes to Ford de Mexico during that same era. FourEyedPride members discovered years ago that the Mustangs from this time period were an interesting and seemingly ever-changing mix of Mustang and Capri parts. Unfortunately, due to the passage of time as well as a language barrier not much has been cleared up for us as to what Ford was doing with its vehicle lines and what they were called.

    FourEyed Fox Mustangs ran the gamut: being Mustang Coupes with Capri tail lights, Mustang Coupes with Mercury Capri front bumper covers and hoods, Capri bodies with a Mustang bumper cover, or a Mercury Capri body with Ford Mustang badging.

    Thanks to the Internet and people sharing massive amounts of information, some television commercials are starting to surface on places like YouTube. With a little searching around we're able to offer you a glimpse of these commercials.

    In addition to a couple of Mustang commercials featuring coupes, a Ford Fairmont commercial is included in this post. Naturally, the Ford Fairmont appears to be a rebadged Mercury Zephyr. Why wouldn't it?

    If you're interested these topics, head over to our Forum where we have a section for Mexican Mustangs as well as one for Other International Models.

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    Indiana Jones inspired 1983 Ford Mustang coupe commercial (Capri bumper cover & hood):

    1981 Ford Mustang commercial, this showing a coupe with the expected Mustang bumper cover, but Capri taillights:

    1981 Ford Fairmont commercial demonstrating Ford's badge confusion south of the border with what appears to be what we would call a Mercury Zephyr:
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