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  • Looking to kill some time? Take a look at these Mercury Capri commercials!

    "See the Light at the Sign of the Cat!"

    1979 model year ad. It's all about the European intentions of the new Mercury Capri. Don't forget the 'sexy,' either.

    Still pushing the European angle of the Capri in 1980. Also note the mention of all engines, 4, 6, 8 and 2.3L Turbo being available in this RS ad:

    I'm going to assume this is a 1981 Black Magic promo. 2 minutes long, doesn't mention the model year, showcases T-tops and 5-speed, but does not have 5.0 badges (Black Magics did not automatically include 5.0s, but one might guess that if the 5.0 were available, it would have been demonstrated somehow in this ad). Seeing the poor thing in the water hurts, though.

    Selling the 1982 Mercury Capri with the 5.0, but not as an RS:
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    1. 82GTforME's Avatar
      82GTforME -
      Those are great!

      I love those hubcaps in the 79 one. They kind of look like a spiderweb. I don't recall them before. I guess they are 'sexy'!
      I'm with you about that poor Black Magic in the ocean. It's a nice looking car for sure!
      And that lady can sure drive that 'racy V8'! She can can sure 'zig and zag and zoom' with the best of them! She drives like most people around here!

      Thanks for sharing!
    1. 80CougarXR7's Avatar
      80CougarXR7 -
      Always thought the Capri, although looking terribly similar to the Mustang, did somehow pull subtle styling cues from the previous gen, Euro version.

      Love all the ads. Pretty awesome memories.
    1. FUKAZ28's Avatar
      FUKAZ28 -
      Awesome find. Thanks for sharing.
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