• FourEyedPride currently offers three forms of advertising opportunities: banner ads, forum sponsorship, and a vendor classified area.

    As FourEyedPride was the first site to concentrate on this under-served segment of the automotive hobby, we are the site to visit for the most comprehensive information about Early Fox cars.

    Banner Ad Options
    FourEyedPride can accommodate two sizes of banner ads in our banner rotator system: standard 468x60 and 728x90 leaderboard banners.

    Standard banners appear at the top of the screen, next to the site logo and below user notifications. These are seen on every page of the site's forums and content management system.

    Leaderboard banners are featured prominently, front and center above important content, such as the forums main page and across the entire content management system. Leaderboard ads are widely seen as being more effective than standard banners.

    Forum Sponsorship
    Forum sponsorship allows an advertiser to choose a specific forum, typically one that matches their particular specialty, and become an important part of that part of the message board. With a recently expanded selection of forums to choose from, there is sure to be one that's a good match for your company. Forum sponsorship includes these features:
    • Your leaderboard ad on the thread list of the sponsored forum and every thread within that forum. No other leaderboard ads will appear in that forum.
    • 1 'sticky' thread to be featured at the top of the thread listings where you can discuss new products, sales, anything relevant to your products and services. You can switch out one sticky for another at any time.
    • 'Sponsored by:' link in the forum description seen on the forums main page which allows for the use of a half-scale, 234x30 banner ad displaying your company name or logo. This half-scale banner will also be displayed on the forum's thread listing under the page numbering.

    Examples for both the leaderboard banner and half-scale banner can be seen by looking at our Board Help & Test Forum.

    Vendor Classifieds
    The least expensive and easiest to set-up advertising option available is our Vendor Classifieds section. This feature allows any advertiser with a registered account on FourEyedPride and a PayPal account to pay for the ability to post Vendor Classified ads. Details regarding the purchase and use of a Vendor Classfied account can be found here.

    If you do not have a banner, or do not have one that fits the listed size for the option(s) you wish to make use of, we may be able to assist in making a basic image banner for a small fee.

    Interested in learning more? Email for additional information.
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