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    This is a brief summary of the major principles on which FourEyedPride (FEP) is based. More in-depth discussion of these principles can be found on the message board and soon in a series of editorials written by FEP Administration.

    FEP promotes the preservation of the identity of each and every 79-86 Mustang and Capri. Many modifications can be done to a vehicle without changing its identity. This means we believe a Capri should look like a Capri, an EFI 2.3 turbocharged car should retain its turbo four, an early Fox Mustang should not be made to look like a later Fox Mustang, and Ford powerplants should reside between the shock towers.

    FEP actively discourages and condemns the parting out and willful destruction of complete, running, and/or easily repaired cars. As these cars continue to disappear, our chances for the aftermarket to take on the reproduction of badly needed parts will continue to decline.

    FEP welcomes owners and enthusiasts of bone stock base models as well as wildly modified race cars. We are neither a group consisting solely of sticklers for factory correct restorations nor powertrain elitists.

    FEP does not condone bumper cover swaps making later (87-93/aero nose) appear to be 86 and earlier models, just as we do not accept earlier cars made to look like 87-later models. These swaps do not keep 79-86 cars on the road, and to accept swaps in one direction and not the other would be hypocritical as well as counter-productive. They often take hard-to-find parts out of the pool of availability for cars in need of them. We are about more than just the bumper covers. We are about the cars from this particular era of Fox.

    FEP welcomes owners of all early Fox models, and we intend to include them in our coverage. These cars are: 78-83 Fairmont & Zephyr, 83-86 LTD & Marquis, 80-88 Thunderbird & Cougar, 82-87 Continental, 84-92 Mark VII and 81-82 Granada. Enthusiasts who do not own an early Fox are also welcome.

    The opinions of FEP members do not necessarily express the official stance of FEP on various issues. Only FEP Administration speaks for FEP.

    While we do not expect every member of FEP to agree with these and other tenets supported by FEP, we do expect these tenets to be respected by all who participate on our forums.
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    Finding parts for your Early Fox doesn't have to be difficult. Whether you're needing to repair, upgrade or restore, this list will help you find what you need.

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    1985 Mustang GT convertible

    Messages me your email and will send more. For some reason I can only attach one pic at a time.

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    1985 Mustang GT convertible

    TD90S Yesterday, 07:19 AM Go to last post

    1985 Mustang GT convertible

    Any under hood and under carriage pix available?

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    Fox mustang parts

    replied thank you

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    Fox mustang parts

    Iím sent

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    Fox mustang parts

    All parts are located in Atlanta, GA, prices include shipping. Tracking provided once items leave my facility.

    Driver side Signal

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    Yes, we do TBi swaps all the time down here. 1988-1991 3.2 or 3.9 liter OHC Falcon 6 cylinder Central Fuel injection into Ford Cortinas with the Pinto

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    Junk yard jewels

    My wonderful accomplice in "Foxing the Parts".

    Hope you and your beloved are well, and you can always get what you need.

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    interval wiper governor box

    Its a box with two cable/harness on it, one end goes to the switch and the other goes to the harness under the dash. When you remove the steering column

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    interval wiper governor box

    Since this is tech related maybe post it in the electrical section? Might get a more focused response.

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    2020 What did you do to your Fox today?

    That's the way I did it last time and it went on. I just rolled the rear under with a jack, got one set lined up with a bolt through then the other set.

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