• Believe it or not, not ALL of the early Foxes made it to the UK by way of US service members. Many were exported, converted to right-hand drive and sold brand new.

    Mercury Capris seem to be exceptionally rare, understandable given the Ford Capri's production and sales availability continuing on through the early Fox years, but the early Fox Mustangs seem to have prospered. FourEyedPride is fortunate enough to have a correspondent in England, Mr. Don Hardy, who has supplied factory literature and will be giving readers insight into life with FourEyed Foxes both in the UK and on the continent, as he frequently travels to shows across Europe.
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      #Deviant_R32 -
      shame the links are non functional , I have found a press release page on another site I could share if an admin wanted to addd the missing content ?
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      Don Hardy has a Facebook profile if you would like to try and connect with him. I'm sure has the articles saved that he could re-send to an admin that wishes to add to the site in a more permanent fashion.
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    Im in Rocklin, CA, but Id travel for a car that I like. 86 would be my top choice, but depending on the mods and how clean 79-86 is fine.

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    79-86 Nicely Modded Hatch or Notch

    Full location (city and state) required.

    It would also help if you indicated which year(s) you wanted, which is limited to 79-86.

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    79-86 Nicely Modded Hatch or Notch

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    Transmission vibrating hard at idle

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