• We have a new and very rare brochure in our Factory Literature gallery, it appears to be a 1983 model year (perhaps early 1984?) brochure that covers both the Ford Mustang and Mercury Capri available for sale in Japan. The brochure is almost entirely in Japanese, and we may have a line on getting a translation. But, it's still interesting to page through. Check it out here.
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      Says I do not have permission to access this page
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      Not sure why, it may have been a hiccup. It works on my end, and it is not a logged-in/permissions issue.
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      Okay, works fine now, thanks!
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      I get the "broken image" symbol when trying to view.
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      cool. i wish the link worked
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      I'm having my wife translate this, the mustang we're restoring is hers after all.

      what I can make out is that all but the GT came with automatic transmission as standard, also optional tire sizes for the TRX package on the GT were 220mm instead of 195
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