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    As much confusion still exists with U.S. and Canadian market Early Fox oddities, twice as much exists when it comes to Ford de Mexico during that same era. FourEyedPride members discovered years ago that the Mustangs from this time period ...
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    Mexican Mustangs are a unique hybrid breed of early Fox assembled in Cuatitlan Izcalli, Mexico.

    The coupes were composed of Mustang shells with non-air dam Capri front bumper covers and tail light lenses. The hatchbacks, bubble glass and all, are Capri bodies, but there are some with Capri front bumper covers (again, non-air dam), and some with Mustang front bumper covers. They all wear the oval and the Mustang nameplate.
    We are always on the look-out for more images, information or literature regarding these cars, whether it be from enthusiasts, owners or Ford employees ...
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    Believe it or not, not ALL of the early Foxes made it to the UK by way of US service members. Many were exported, converted to right-hand drive and sold brand new.

    Mercury Capris seem to be exceptionally rare, understandable given the Ford Capri's production and sales availability continuing on through the early Fox years, but the early Fox Mustangs seem to have prospered. FourEyedPride is fortunate enough to have a correspondent in England, Mr. Don Hardy, who ...
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    After reading "Owning a Four-eyed in France ," you may have some additional questions regarding the Mustangs exported to France and the rest of Europe. The following is a Q&A exchange between the webmaster and Frederic.

    Q: So the only Foxes sold there officially by Ford were the 1979s? And you think there were only 400 of them?

    A:Yes '79 and only in 2.3l Turbo. I had this information from a friend, founder of the Mustang Club de France, owner of one of the oldest running Mustang (VIN #145, car of movie "Le Gendarme de St-Tropez" and many french video clips and soaps), a guy who has one of the highest knowledge on Mustangs in France ... I have no official information from Ford France, they send me back to my club

    What is the story on your particular car? What has been done to it that is necessary for legalization in France, and do you have pics?

    My car was sold new in Switzerland in Nov, 5th 1979, licensed Dec, 22th 1979 ... I guess it was a show-room car as it had all graphics installed and was sold pretty late (i haven't tried to contact it's original owner, but I have his address in the Ford Service manual, so maybe one day when I'll ...

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    We have a new and very rare brochure in our Factory Literature gallery, it appears to be a 1983 model year (perhaps early 1984?) brochure that covers both the Ford Mustang and Mercury Capri available for sale in Japan. The ...
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    1986 SVO dark shadow blue 7B

    That was Rogers old car, first time I've seen it finished.

    tORMENtOR Today, 07:04 PM Go to last post
    Ken P

    1986 SVO dark shadow blue 7B

    Don't mind me I'm frickin' invisible. The engine in that nice guys 7B ( Rich Franklin ) came from me. He also bought a bunch of other parts from me as

    Ken P Today, 06:48 PM Go to last post

    Tweecer RT Tuner\chip

    Tweecer RT tuner chip for Mustang or anything with an EEC computer. Holds 4 tunes, switch on the fly, real time data logging etc. Installed and used

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    1981 Capri T-Tops

    I love the O2 sensor "bung plugs"...4th picture at the top

    sowaxeman Today, 04:08 PM Go to last post

    1986 SVO dark shadow blue 7B

    Ok. Very nice guy, and very nicely restored car. I asked him if he needed some Marchal covers since his car didn't have any...and he said "that

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    1985 Notchback, 347, 5 speed

    Looks like a really nice car, and tastefully modified! I find it very interesting he did all the motor, trans & suspension work only to remain 4-lug

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    1985 Saleen #93

    The medium canyon red 1985 is a car I located for sale and interacted with the owner in detail on.

    It is an AC and cruise delete T roof car.

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    Build thread - 1985 Mustang Saleen (clone?)

    Went out to Facebook and started posting info asking for more details about the car. No hits on anything so far. And actually I don’t have very

    erratic50 Today, 07:50 PM Go to last post

    2018 What did you do for your four-eye today???

    Got everything but the speedometer cable, shifter cable, and neutral safety switch removed/out/apart today... she's nose up on the ramps in the driveway,

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    Mike's 1986 Mustang convertible build thread

    The 302 block was cleaned, readied, painted, and bagged back in late August.

    If I go with it, pistons and rings/bearings/gaskets/etc.

    Walking-Tall Today, 07:27 PM Go to last post

    1985 Saleen #93

    Yes, 4M is Dark Slate Metallic. 85-0031 has a buck tag from a 1979 5W Mustang and what looks like it's original DSO (special order) buck tag. I couldn't

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