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    Tools Required:

    - 3/8 Ratchet
    - 1/2" Socket
    - T45 Socket
    - 5/16 Socket
    - 2mm Allen Key
    - Razor Blades
    - Side Cutters
    - Hog Rings
    - Pliers
    - Phillips & Fllathead Screwdrivers
    - Staple Gun

    Current condition of drivers seat. Not bad for 20 years old.


    First step after seat removal is to separate the seat upper and lower frames. This is accomplished by removing the 2 Phillips head screws from outboard trim cover of seat back adjustment mechanism. Then remove (1) T45 Torx bolt from inboard side, and (2) 1/2 inch bolts from outboard side. (note, if vehicle is equipped with upper power lumbar adjustment, removed plastic vacuum line from lower seat section.)

    seats_02.jpg seats_03.jpg

    Part 1 - Lower Seat Cover

    We will start with recovering the lower seat frame. First step is to remove the 2 small roll pins from the adjustable knee bolster support (if equipped). This section will slide out after pins are removed.


    If seat is equipped with adjustable side bolsters, remove knob by loosening the 2mm allen set screw. The knob will slide off afterwards.


    Switch for power lumbar support is removed by lifting up on trim plate, and removing (2) Phillips head screws on switch. wiring and vacuum lines will come out with switch.

    seats_07.jpg seats_08.jpg

    Start removal of seat cover by first removing 4 plastic retainers on frame by rolling upward on them, secondly snip hog rings securing seat cover piping to frame.

    seats_05.jpg seats_09.jpg

    Fold seat cover sides up, and cut 2 hog rings on each side where metal seat cushion rods are secured to side bolster adjustment flaps. Also cut hog rings along front of seat frame. Now fold seat cushion/cover upward from rear, and slide off of rods. rods will stay attached to seat frame.


    Here is lower seat frame ready for assembly. I opted to remove the power lumbar, so i removed the hoses, wires and motor assembly.


    Place seat cushion on lower seat frame. Slide seat cover over metal securing rods.


    Remove metal rods from old seat cover and install in new seat cover.


    Start re-ringing seat cover to cushion and frame. Install rings where originals were removed from.


    Pull seat cover down and over to attach the plastic recurring strips to the frame. Also be sure to re-ring the seat cover piping to frame, for proper stretch on cover.

    seats_15.jpg seats_16.jpg

    Part 2 - Lower Knee Bolster

    Start by removing (4) 5/16 bolts from frame to cushion support.


    Place knee bolster cushion and support inside new cover, and staple with 1/4 inch staples, pulling tight over cushion. Bolt frame back to new bolster. Reinstall in seat frame and reinstall roll pins in brackets.

    seats_18.jpg seats_19.jpg

    Here is the finished lower seat frame/knee bolster assembly.


    Part 3- Upper Seat Cover and Final Assembly

    Factory seat cover is secured at bottom with a zipper. Unzip seat cover, reach up back of seat cover and push in on retaining tab for headrest, now remove headrest.


    Removed headrest guide by pulling upward on it, it takes some effort, but pulls out of top. Also remove trim bezel for rear seat entry level by removing (1) Phillips screw.


    Fold front of seat cover up slightly to access hog rings locking down securing rods. There was (5) on each side of mine. After cutting rings, slide rods downward from seat. Pull seat cover off of seat cushion, remove cushion, install new cushion onto upper seat frame.


    Remove metal rods from old seat cover, and install in new seat cover. Start to roll seat cover down over seat cushion, starting with it inside out.


    Start with upper metal rod, and re-ring it to seat cushion rod.
    Slowly start sliding seat cover down over cushion further.

    seats_25.jpg seats_26.jpg

    After seat cover is pulled down to bottom, insert side rods into pockets in seat cover, and re-ring the 5-6 rings securing each rod in place at bottom. now pull cover as tight as possible downward to remove wrinkles. and resecure bottom of seat cover front and back together.

    seats_27.jpg seats_29.jpg

    Now cut slit in cover (yeah, i know, putting a cut in a new cover, ughh)
    and reinstall lever bezel.


    Finished results (minus headrest, still contemplating halos)

    seats_30.jpg seats_32.jpg seats_31.jpg

    How about a shot inside the car, they go real well with the factory back seat too!

    capri 022

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